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Top 10 Finalist!

North Dakota welcomed me home with subzero temperatures a few nights ago. Pearl (Wilhelm truck) is unpacked and I’ve been taking time to rest and recover from a wild week in Vegas. And what a week that was! I got to cherish 8 days with all of my sash sisters and watch one my best friends and the most genuine woman I know be crowned our Miss Rodeo America 2023. Bringing home a Top 10 placing was the icing on the cake!

To everyone who sent flowers and roses - THANK YOU! You truly never know what it’s like to compete for MRA until you go through the pageant yourself. It’s hard and draining, but can also be very lonely. Every night we all got a little more excited and knew we were going to conquer another day, because we had roses to smell and e-mails to read.

To my 26 girls who are in the same boat as me - I couldn’t have survived this week, or this year without you. What an amazing ride it’s been, but I know it’s only the beginning. We have so much to be proud of ourselves for, and I love each of you so much. Here’s to the next chapter in our lives.

To my queen, Kennadee - that Landstrom’s crown was MADE for you. A close friend told me a quote right before I checked in and it stuck with me throughout the week, “You can want a dream more than anything, but that dream has to want you to. And when that happens, nothing can stop you two from reaching each other.” And by golly that MRA dream NEEDED you Ken! Can’t wait to see all the amazing things you accomplish with that crown

Lastly TOP 10:

On coronation morning, I knew that no matter what was announced that day, I was sure dang proud of myself because I never once wavered from who I am. I showcased the Elise you see with or without a crown, at every element of the pageant - a girl with a lot of heart and passion, but isn’t afraid to get a little punchy when needed. And I think that’s more important than any buckle.

With love, Elise

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